There are different designs of Hydraulic cylinders depending on the application. In our work we highlight on the application of mobile sector, especially on the body Mount on trucks same as in tippers. Garbage collection, car carriers and others.
some cylinders are single acting and the other double acting depends on application.
The function of the pump is to convert the mechanical energy (torque, speed) to hydraulic energy (flow, pressure) The range for the pumps is very wide depending on the application. Gears pump, piston pump, axial piston pump in bent axis design. And other range available.
If you return to the performance curve for the pump, it helps you to select the right pump for your application.
Hydraulic motors are used for converting hydraulic energy to mechanical energy. There are different types and designs of hydraulic motors. Some points has to be taken in consideration when selecting the hydraulic motors such as (speed - torque - power output.) The gears and axial piston motors is the basic models of the motors.
Different types of valves are available depending on the application. Directional valves control the stopping, starting and changing the direction of the flow.
Other types are pressure control valves,
flow control valve and non returnable valve.
The hydraulic power units are used to prepare the pressure energy within a power unit, electrical energy from a power supply or chemical energy from internal combustion engine is converted to pressure energy.
  We are here to introduce small power unit same as use in car carriers and the source of electrical is the batteries of vehicles.
Different PTOs are available to meet all models of vehicles. PTO can be pneumatically, mechanically or electrically operated. The gear box type of the vehicles should be known in order to select the right PTO for different applications.
Filters are devices which separate solid particles from fluids. Many types of filters are available, such as suction line filter to protect the hydraulic pumps, mounted return line filter (simple - double- switchable), the line filters which can work up to 420 bars in line and the breathers filter which mount on hydraulic tanks.
The hydraulic system components are connected together to form hydraulic circuits by means of suitable connections. High demands are placed upon these connections.
  They must be good for flow, able to withstand high pressure pipe lines, hoses, fixings and flanges etc.  
The hydraulic oil tankers are available according to capacity required for the hydraulic circuit special for body mount on vehicles. The tank can mount behind the cabin of vehicles or at the side of vehicles the tank complete with all component (return line filter - tipping valve.)