Flat bed trailers have many models & designs according to the type & payload of the materials and commodity which needs to be transported .
The container flatbed trailers is one of the famous and popular flatbed for
20&40 feet container also. The max. Payload and the dimensions. of the trailers is completely different from one country to another depending on the laws and regulations of the road .
This one of the ways for transportation of heavy equipment such as earth moving equipment or road equipment or heavy industrial component. To load the normal equipment on low bed ,you need rear ramp, some ramp manually operated and the other is hydraulic operated. The normal payload for low bed is 60 to 100 ton payload . 
The trailers for fuel tanker can transport the main products for the fuel, diesel , gasoline & fuel for air craft .
  The loading and unloading for the fuel tank needs special parts and components to achieve the safety during the operation and transportation of the tankers. The capacity from 30000 to35000 liter is the main capacity for the fuel tankers.  
One of the important ways in transportation especially in road construction . There is many different capacities for tippers starting from less than 2m3 - 3-6-8-10-12-16 m3 which mount on chassis of the truck .
  a A big capacity of tipper such as 32m3 must built on semi trailers and draw by tractor head When the operator or the drivers tipping the load there is important safety point must be taken in consideration such as the straight level of the area under the tipper and make sure the the rear gate is open, otherwise big problems for the tippers will occur.  
Car transporter one of the excellent ways to transport the cars. You can find one car or two or four car transporter capacity. Also you can find capacity for 16 cars which consists of two floors .
  Many safety points is considered during the manufacture The cars transporter . The hydraulic systems and cylinders used to rise And lower the second floor to load and unload the cars.  
Fire fighting Vehicles with different capacity and discharge avaliable.